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Label and Barcode Printers

Epson label and barcode printers are fast, cost-effective and come with wired or wireless connectivity options. They deliver on-demand label and barcode printing for a wide range of applications from made-to-order food services and price verification to pharmacy, photo, ticketing, source labeling and more.

Mobilink P60II Mobile Printer Mobilink P60II Mobile Printer
Epson’s 2” rugged Mobilink P60II printer features the fastest printing in its class, industry-leading battery life and prints directly from iOS, Android and Windows devices.
TM-T88 ReStick Liner-free Label PrinterTM-T88 ReStick Liner-free Label Printer
The advanced TM-T88 ReStick™ liner-free label and receipt printer prints repositionable labels for a wide range of food service, retail and grocery applications, plus crisp, clear receipts.
TM-L90 Label Printer with PeelerTM-L90 Label Printer with Peeler
The cost-effective TM-L90 thermal label and barcode printer offers fast print speed, an automatic label peeler, wired or wireless connectivity options and more. It also can be used as a receipt printer.
TM-L90 Plus Label and Barcode PrinterTM-L90 Plus Label and Barcode Printer
The TM-L90 Plus prints both thermal labels and receipts. It is ideal for retailers who want to accomplish multiple printing tasks using a single cost-effective printer. It comes with dual interfaces including a built-in USB plus one UIB interface.
TM-L90 Liner-free Compatible Label PrinterTM-L90 Liner-free Compatible Label Printer
Epson's TM-L90 liner-free label and receipt printer offers fast, cost-effective, label printing for food service where adhesive labels can improve efficiency, order accuracy and customer satisfaction.
ColorWorks C831 Inkjet Label PrinterColorWorks C831 Inkjet Label Printer
The C831 combines the benefits of industrial-strength inkjet label printers with an 8-pin tractor feeder for fast, accurate large-format color label printing.
SecurColor™/ColorWorks C3400 Color PrinterSecurColor™/ColorWorks C3400 Color Printer
Epson's SecurColor/ColorWorks C3400 color label printer with Just in Time Color™ printing is ideal for printing color labels for a wide range of industries.
ColorWorks C3400-LT Label TerminalColorWorks C3400-LT Label Terminal
Epson's C3400-LT terminal offers everything you need for fast, on-demand color label printing in one compact unit for locations where space is limited.
ColorWorks C3500 Color Label PrinterColorWorks C3500 Color Label Printer
Epson's ColorWorks C3500 inkjet label printer with Just in Time Color™ offers fast, on-demand four-color label printing at speeds up to 103mm/second.
ColorWorks C7500 Inkjet label printerColorWorks C7500 Inkjet label printer
Fast, full-color heavy production label printer for Just In Time Color printing of large print jobs and jobs with tight time windows.